The admitted candidates, by deadline date, must indicate their formal acceptance of participation in the course (failure to do so shall result in exclusion) by presenting at the “Ufficio Scuole di Specializzazione e Master” the following documents:

a. application with stamps of the value of € 16,00 on enrollment form issued by “Ufficio Scuola di Specializzazione e Master” and also disclosed by web site;

b. two identical signed photographs,

c. a front and back copy of a valid identification document, accompanied by the original to be shown for inspection;

d. receipt of payment of the first instalment for enrolment on the master’s course of € 750,00 and the regional tax of € 140,00;

e. for non-European citizen resident abroad: national visa for long stay issued by the competent Italian diplomatic-consular representation

Incomplete documentations or documentation received by post or fax will not be taken in consideration. The payment of taxes does not constitute enrolment .
The Administration, may proceed with verification of declarations of the candidates and act in relation to outcomes.
The admitted candidates who will have not provided for the enrollment by the above mention deadline will be considered to have waived their right to enroll.
Resulting vacant placed will be filled in accordance with the ranking list of suitable candidates and with the procedures mentioned at the following article 10.